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The line with our name, the cigars with our soul.
The solid
 foundations of our values and our history are used to build a constantly evolving future.

Having to build a line of cigars that represent us, we decided to start from the visual concept that we wanted to communicate at first glance to anyone who stopped to contemplate our graphic presentation. So, we focus a lot on details and symbolism to try to tell a whole story through a single image, in this case the history of the roots of the communion of elements that identifiy ourselves.

If we look at the drawing (which represents both the base ring of the cigars of the entire line and the lid of the boxes that contain them) we can notice a stylized Compass Rose in the center that recalls the main logo of our brand, divided horizontally in half by an element that bears the name of our company and that gives rise to two levels in which there are two maps that represent the Caribbean area with Dominican Republic at the top and Europe with Italy on the bottom. Behind these, there are two rampant lions that together reach the handle of a sword; the latter ideally divides the drawing into two parts: left and right.



On the left side, which is the Italian side, we find three medals that represent three symbols: a horse standing on its hind legs,the State of Italy and the propeller of a plane.

The prancing horse has always been seen as an expression of nobility and class, but as we mentioned in the section "History" from our site, Grandfather Giovanni was passionate about both horses like cigars, that's why we wanted to remember him with this medal dedicated to him.

The nephew, also called Giovanni, will be the one who will decide to leave Italy in 2016 to settle in the Dominican Republic and who will start, in 2018, the project initially called El Dorado Cigar Factory, today known and registered as Italo Dominican Cigar Factory. The medal with the propeller is dedicated to him, since flying has always been the great joy of his life and still holds his commercial pilot license.

The map of Italy, also known as "the boot" due to its particular shape, it is the graphic element that, together with the flag "tricolore", historically represents more directly and instantly our country of origin and our culture, that is why we decided dedicate a medal to this element.

On the right side, the Dominican side, we find three other medals that represent a templethe shield of the Dominican flag and a tobacco leaf. These three elements are the essence of what we have achieved in the Dominican Republic, starting with the temple that is universally recognized as symbol of construction and architecture, both in the material and abstract sense.


Then we find the shield of the Dominican flag, with its 6 spears, the crucifix and the open Bible in chapter 8 verse 32 of the Gospel of John which says: "...and you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.". In addition to being the distinctive symbol of this country, being the only country in the world that has a Bible printed on the flag, it also represents the Christian identity and values that all the founders of the company share.


At last, we find the tobacco leaf. A small and fragile leaf from which, however, was born the powerful idea and the irrepressible inspiration that would change everything and make us who we are today.

Finally, we have the two rampant lions initially mentioned and the sword. It is no coincidence that these three elements are the most visible and evident compared to the others.

The two lions represent the two people thanks to whom everything that has happened in recent years has been possible. They are two lions in heart and soul, as well as in the zodiac sign.

The first was born on August 9 and is called Carmelo Eugenio, Giovanni's father, a true leader, endowed with infinite abilities and skills, who with his strength managed to create the right circumstances so that all the elements were combined as in a great orchestra and that everything worked in the perfect way.

The second, however, was born on August 10, a few years before Carmelo Eugenio and in a distant place, and his name is Fernando. It is difficult to describe in a few lines the importance that Fernando had in this entire story. Just think that one day in 1998, a man had a vision and decided, alone, to start building a little hotel in a remote area of the city of La Romana. Soon, this hotel became the most well-known and glamorous in the area and Fernando and his family became people helped and respected by everyone. It was thanks to this hotel, which they called Hotel El Dorado, that the two families met, and then… well, everything else is history.

Above all is the sword.

The sword is a weapon, notoriously the weapon of feudal knights, therefore it also represents the strength, equity, justice, honor, nobility and all those virtues that a man aspires to possess. In biblical language, however, the sword represents God's word, the very essence of the teachings transmitted in sacred texts. For these reasons, this element is present in our graphic representation. It helps us always remember what the really important things in life are… and that there is always someone above all who we should never forget to thank for them.

Robusto 5 x 50

Romanense 5 3/4 x 56

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