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Our begining. Our history. Our future. We keep writing it, together. 

If you are a cigar company and you want to share your production with us to facilitate and boost your sales, if you are an enterprise or a foundation who wants to create its own cigar with its own brand, or if you are a simple private who wants to build a unique and exclusive product, Italo Dominican Cigar Factory is - since 2018 -  an excellent solution.

We can make cigars of all types following the instructions and the mix that you know or want,  or we can create from scratch a product that reflects your needs or that has the general characteristics you are looking for. In addition to this, our internal graphic studio is capable of generating any artistic support inherent to your brand or your needs (such as logos, cigar rings or wooden boxes printed in silkscreen or offset) to ensure that your brand stands out from all the the rest. Contact us to request all the information you want using the form below and give life to your cigar!

Custom Cigars

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